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The Writing Is On The Wall...

The Macintosh Reader

Welcome, to my homepage! I have posted items on here that I have collected over many years. Please feel free to roam around and look. I would like to thank for rendering the buttons for free, for this site. Email me any comments you have.

I created this site back in 2000, to replace my website, after talkcity stopped their web hosting service. Now, since it's 2005, I've been surprised on how popular this site has gotten. It is even on Google and it gets about 600 views a month! The internet has changed so much since I started surfing in 1997.

I first got introduced to the internet by a friend with a WebTV system. I had chatted with some of the people, on the integrated talkcity system, about different Mac topics, and it was a great experience. Back then, the chat rooms weren't as full of foul language, and the people were a lot friendlier. It got me hooked. I now have quite a handful of websites across the internet for different purposes. However, this site will remain my oldest, and still running, so far. It'll be going through some redesign and some makeovers to update it to today's web standards, however, I'll be keeping the same look. Now an overview of what's on this site:

The Macintosh Reader is an exerpt from the book "The Macintosh Reader". It describes the history and founding of the Apple company. If you would like more info, check out the book at the library. Book info is provided at the end of the page. Also you can read the book, "Apple Confidential: The Real Story of Apple Computer, Inc." by Owen W. Linzmayer. This recently published book explores more of the history and some other details.

The C Plus Programs link has been updated to a library I have built on another website, containing C++ programs I've created over the years. It is an ongoing project, in which I've a lot to add to.

The "MGWOUT" link connects you to my famous quotes page, taken from a book of quotes of famous leaders. "Our Solar System" is an exerpt from an Earth Science textbook about our solar system. The Tips Library contains a bunch of tips I've compiled on my original site. The links page, from the old Macintosh Web Resource site, has been updated with a few new links, and the dead links have been removed. It contains over 170 links to various Mac sites on the web! If you're in need of a laugh, click on "Ans. Machine Message" to hear an a parody message from my father's old friend. Finally, the Aximili links go to my best friend's Tolkein and Poetry pages. So Surf, Read, Relax, and Enjoy. Thanks for visiting. :-)

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