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Welcome To Ron's Macintosh Tips Page

Here is the web page you all wanted. An archive of all the tips that have been published on this site. Well, Enjoy!
Tips Library
Date Tip
October 2, 2000 Here's a useful tip for the Macintosh: Are you low on memory and you have closed some of your open windows?You can double your RAM, without buying more chips, using RAM Doubler, a decent-priced bit of shareware available on the Internet. Use your favorite search engine to find a site that retails this special software.
October 5, 2000 Looking for software for your mac?Take a visit onto some of these sites:,,,, To find more just visit my links page.
October 12, 2000 It can be annoying to always have to select a window before moving it. To move an inactive window(one that's not selected), just hold down the Command key while draging the folder's title. (This is a handy trick to know if you want to shift a background window to see something but don't want to lose the active window on the top of the pile.)
October 16, 2000 From System 6.0.4 and on, holding the Option key down immediately closes closes the window that the icon you're clicking is in. For example, if you were to hold down the Option whild clicking on the folder called "New York Publishers" within the folder called "Publishers", the folder "Publishers" will close automatically after the "New York Publishers". Another way is to hold the Option key while choosing Quit Command, all folders open in the finder will close. Third, if you are in the finder you can type Command-Option-W to close all windows, manually.
October 19, 2000 On most icons, the name is wider than the picture, giving it the shape of a stovepipe hat (with the name as the brim). If you simply ignore this fact when you line up icons (as the Clean Up command does), the names will either interfere with each other, or you'll be forced to put icons farther a part than you'd like (in order to accommodate the longest of them). here's a simpe way to neatly organize your icons so that none of the names overlap, and so that you can get the maximum number of icons possible on the screen. First, choose Clean Up from the Special menu (if your icons are really scrambled all over the window, hold down the Option key while choosing Clean Up). Then use the selection rectangle toselect every other row and move the columns down a bit in order to prevent the names from overlapping.
October 23 You want to make an alias of a file, but don't want to move the alias from the original folder to the folder where you want it. Just hold Comand and the Option together while dragging the file to the folder where you want the alias. While you are dragging the file, an arrow (simular to the window's arrow on shortcuts.) will appear. When you drop the file, an alias will be created in the folder that you droped the file onto. (If you drop the file in the same window, the alias will be created in the same window!)
Scheduled October 26 Most of the icons in the Finder are all default icons. However, you can create your own icons and paste them to your file or folder. Just copy your own icon onto the ClipBoard. Next, select Get Info command from the File menu. Then click on the icon in the upper left hand corner of the Get Info window. Finally, select Paste from the Edit menu. Your own icon will replace the default icon.
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