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Here is my collection of World Trade Center Pictures. Some of them are from the Pentagon and some are from the World Trade Center before, on, and after September 11, 2001. Feel free to download.

Subject Picture
Before September 11, 2001 >>>American.mp3<<<- Is a Commentary by Gordon Sinclair, originally
Aerial Picture Before 9-11 broadcasted on June 5, 1973 on CFRB, Toronto, Canada.
Aerial Picture Before 9-11 #2 *800k Download Size, *Approx. Download Time@28.8:  3 mins 42 secs.
Center Concourse
Children's Pose
Children's Pose #2
City Skyline
City Skyline #2
City Skyline #3
Looking From Bridge
Looking from Street
Osma Bin Ladin
Street Corner
WTC Before 9-11 River Shot
September 11, 2001 -
Fire Ball
Injured Workers Being Treated
Plane Crash Into WTC
Plane Flying Into WTC
Smoke #2
Smoke #3
Smoke from Pentagon
Soldiers Running
Workers Evacuating
WTC Burning
WTC Burning #2
WTC Burning #3
WTC Burning #4
After September 11
A United People
Candle Light Vigil
Candle Light Vigil #2
Candle Light Vigil #3
City Skyline #4
Empty Airport
Flag Display at a Fire House
Flag Illuminated From Behind
Flag at Pentagon
Flag Raising At WTC
Firemen Search At WTC
German Police Captured Terorist
Man Praying
Naval Officers Standing
People Embracing
Plane Taking Off
Police Inspections
President George W. Bush
Smoky Pentagon
Street Memorial
WTC - Looking Up
WTC Rubble