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MYF Articles Network

December 11, 2000

Dear friend,

As the year goes on, the MYF group does various activities that are fun and help the community. Throughout the year, members go through new experiences. And we would like to share them with you, through writing.

Writing is a great tool to capture moments of time in a form which does not break down. That´s why I have created the MYF Articles Network.

The MYF Articles Network is where after each activity I will write an article summing up what happened and what fun we had together.

The MYF Articles Network will also contain articles written by YOU. All you have to do is email your article to and your article will be posted within a few days. (Please email the article in the "email" itself and not as an attachment.) This gives everyone a chance to share their experiences with each other and new members.

The MYF Articles Network is be available through the current MYF Web site. Click on the "Articles" link on the left.

I hope you are as excited as I am.

Your brother in Christ,

Ronald Roberts

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