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December 10, 2000

Activity: Shopping

Both the Junior and Senior MYF groups met at newly named mall, Clifton Park Center. We planned to use the money earned from the bowl-a-thon to buy presents for a needy family. We broke into small groups of two or three and were given $40 to find a minimum of 2 items which were on a list.

Everyone had a fun time.

By the end of the shopping, we had bags of presents. There were books, clothing, electronic toys, packages of tissues, and so on. That’s just the shopping part.

We all divided into the cars and rode over to the church. Here we wrapped some presents. Others worked on the MYF banners. When things started to settle down, a surprise happened.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For...Ice Cream!!

Rainbow. Cookies ‘n’ Cream. Chocolate. Talking about overload! To top it off, we had whipped cream, chocolate and caramel syrups to decorate our sundaes.

Everyone enjoyed themselves while helping a needy family.

This is Ronald Roberts for the MYF Articles Network signing off...

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